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Travel to a foreign country can present challenges to health and safety. International Travel Health Consultants (ITHC) provides pre-travel, preventative care to business and leisure travelers. Traveling to a foreign country is typically an exciting and highly anticipated event.

The CDC recommends seeing a Travel Medicine Specialist at least 4 weeks prior to traveling.

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Zika Virus

It is a viral disease spread by the Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes, which causes fever, rashes, joint pain, and red eyes.

Yellow Fever

Yellow fever is an acute systemic illness- a hemorrhagic fever – caused by the Flavivirus. Acute means it comes on (onset) rapidly, 

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All CDC Travel Immunizations and Vaccinations for Hepatitis A, Influenza, Typhoid Fever, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Hepatitis B, Meningococcal (Meningitis), Rabies, Yellow Fever,

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Are you Traveling?

The CDC recommends a travel medicine consultation 4 to 6 weeks prior to travel. The consultation prepares travelers for health concerns that may arise during their trips such as traveling at high altitude or being in locations with limited medical resources. ITHC has served leisure travelers, study abroad programs, adventure travelers and corporate travelers since 1996.

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Are you Protected?

Managing risk might include giving immunizations, emphasizing to travelers the importance of taking prescribed malaria prophylaxis and other medications (and highlighting the risks of not taking them correctly), and educating travelers about steps they can take to address and minimize travel-associated risks. Vaccinations can protect the recipient and their contacts. The pretravel consultation also serves a public health purpose by helping limit the role international travelers could play in the global spread of infectious diseases.
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Traveler’s Companion

Travel medicine specialists have in-depth knowledge of immunizations, risks associated with specific destinations, and the implications of traveling with pre-existing health conditions. Therefore, a comprehensive consultation with a travel medicine expert is recommended for all international travelers and is particularly important for those with a complicated health history, anyone taking special risks such as traveling at high altitudes, those traveling in remote areas or places known to have serious infectious disease.

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Travel Vaccination Services

ITHC provides business and leisure travelers with pretravel, preventative care. Yellow Fever, Typhoid, Hepatitis A, Rabies – chances are you did not receive these with your routine vaccines.

At International Travel Health Consultants

We provide personalized destination-specific health assessments using the CDC databases and other travel health applications. This evaluation is used to make recommendations for your trip. Both offices are NYS Certified Yellow Fever Vaccination Centers. The office sells medical supplies like mosquito nets, medical kits, mosquito repellants, and equipment for safe drinking water.

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School Trips/Leisure Travelers

Some countries may require additional vaccinations for travelers who have passed through specific countries, which would not be required if the traveler came directly from the U.S. As the need for it grows, travel medicine is emerging as a new specialty, focusing on the risks that travelers face, both infectious and noninfectious.

About Our Doctor

Our Experience and Track Record in Travel Medicine- In Practice For 27 Years

Dr. Rajiv Narula is a dedicated, board certified Family Medicine Physician with a versatile background in various medical fields. With extensive experience in Emergency Medicine, Occupational Medicine and a Certification in Travel Medicine, Dr. Narula brings a comprehensive approach to patient care. He is a USCIS Civil Surgeon and Medical Director of Occupational Medicine at Mid-Hudson Regional Hospital. Additionally, he has served as a Kilimanjaro Hike Doctor, demonstrating his commitment to adventure and providing medical assistance in challenging environments. Dr. Narula's expertise lies in delivering healthcare solutions that minimize illness and promote well-being while traveling.

Dr Rajiv Narula is certified in Travel Health Board Certified in Family Practice Designated USCIS Civil Surgeon

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There are two convenient locations: One is close to Columbus Circle, NYC, near the 59th street subway station. The other location is in Poughkeepsie, NY, close to the Metro-North and Amtrak station.

International Travel Health Consultants is a leading travel vaccination clinic in New York. Get the proper travel immunizations and expert advice. Think of us when you are planning to travel. International Travel Health Consultants can help you prepare for healthy travel on your next vacation or business trip.

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